Quant Trade offers a number of solutions for clients. These solutions range from trading services such as our commodity trading pool to software consulting and design. Listed below are a number of the solutions that Quant Trade provides. Please note that each one of the listed solutions links to a page with more information. Technology based solutions link to our Fractal Finance technology site.

Commodity Trading Pool

Quant Trade offers a commodity trading pool. The pool is managed by Quant Trade, a Commodity Pool Operator or CPO. This trading pool allows investors to purchase a limited partnership in the Chaos Cruncher trading pool for only $5,000.00 dollars. The pool trades investor funds collectively using the Chaos Cruncher trading system. As a partner with Quant Trade, you know that we have your best interest at heart. More information is available on our investment page.

Strategy Service

Through our relationship with numerous brokerage firms, Quant Trade is able to offer you fully automated Chaos Cruncher trading signals in your futures trading account. This strategy service requires a minimum of $5,000.00 dollars to get started. Once you electronically sign a letter of direction (LOD), your account will automatically trade our e-mini S&P 500 Chaos Cruncher signals. If you don’t have an account with one of our preferred brokers, we can help you get one. More information is available on our Chaos Cruncher page.

Fractal Suite

Quant Trade has built a powerful Fractal Suite for Bloomberg. This is a professional trading suite used by a leading energy company. Complete reference information is available including short videos describing its actual use. We also offer various extensions to this suite for specialized purposes. Enterprise wide solutions are available. Please contact us for details. More information is available on the Fractal Suite page.

Quantitative Optimizer

An extremely powerful new tool is available from Quant Trade. This quantitative optimizer will optimize any trading strategy or group of strategies based on your preselected criteria. The optimizer runs tirelessly until the best combination of input parameters is discovered to provide you with the results that you want. When the optimization is finished, a report of every strategy is available for your review. Now you no longer need to spend countless hours running individual back test optimizations for your trading strategy. Simply select your desired criteria (e.g. best equity curve with lowest draw-down) and let the optimizer do all of the work. Contact us for more details.


Through our new partnership with NinjaTrader, Quant Trade is offering plug-ins for the NinjaTrader trading platform. Our most recent offering is called Samurai. “Train your Ninja with a Samurai!” This collection of improved indicators and forecasting ranges is very similar to one of the components in the Fractal Suite. We invite you to learn more at the NinjaTrader page.

Quant Trader

The Quant Trader platform is a fully functional analysis and trading platform developed by Quant Trade. In addition to advanced predictive and statistical analysis tools, we are adding and testing auto-execution APIs. Additionally, Quant Trader may be used for portfolio analysis. Quant Trader is compatible with futures, equities, and forex. Please go to our Quant Trader page for more information.