Quant Trade is a premier financial technology (FinTech) firm founded in the financial district of Chicago. Originally formed as a commodity trading advisor (CTA) in 2007, Quant Trade has evolved into a diverse organization focused on hardware, software, fractal analysis, Chaos theory, and other non-linear analysis methods. The principals of Quant Trade are as specialized as the company. Each member brings unique academic and practical skills to the table.

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Quant Trade has a long list of accomplishments, some most notably are:
  • Developed high frequency trading systems before they were called “high frequency”
  • Established low latency connectivity exchange gateways in Chicago data centers
  • Consulted and built trading technology for Sunoco, a multi-billion dollar energy producer
  • Programmed and traded neural networks (NN) with wavelet filters
  • Constructed entire trading suites for Bloomberg Professional
  • Developed unique trading platforms and portfolio valuation frameworks
While we may not have seen it all, our eyes are wide open. The take away here is, “if we don’t have it, we can build it.”

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Support Staff
The Quant Trade support staff is composed of highly skilled experts in a variety of fields. They come from different sectors of the business community and are experienced professionals. Our efficient support staff is here to insure the highest quality of service for our customers.